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Now in Our 27th Year!
"Awakening to our global interdependence challenges us to understand and appreciate differences, realizing the potential inherent in diversity."

Skipping Stones, Volume 22, Issue 4, September-October, 2010

Skipping Stones is a nonprofit magazine for youth that encourages communication, cooperation, creativity and celebration of cultural and environmental richness. It provides a playful forum for sharing ideas and experiences among youth from different countries and cultures. We are an ad-free, ecologically-aware, literary magazine printed on recycled paper with soy ink.

Founded in 1988, Skipping Stones is a timely and timeless award-winning resource in multicultural and global education. Skipping Stones welcomes art and original writings in every language and from all ages.

In a typical issue of Skipping Stones, you will find poems, stories, articles and photos from many regions of the United States and/or the world: Native American folktales, photos from kids in India or the Ukraine, poems from students in Hawaii or Pennsylvania, letters and drawings from South Africa and Lithuania, cartoons from China, and more might await you. Each issue also contains book reviews, news, and a articles appropriate for both parents and teachers. Non-English writings are accompanied by English translations to encourage the learning of other languages.

As a tax-exempt, nonprofit, educational and charitable organization, we rely on grants and donations from foundations and individuals each year to give gift subscriptions to low-income schools and to continue our global service work. We invite you to participate in this exciting forum with your submissions, subscriptions, suggestions and support. Entice your students (or children) to enter their best creations for our contests and award programs.


Our Autumn issue wull be released soon. It features the 2015 Youth Honor Awards. To enter the 2016 Youth Honor Awards click on the Youth Awards under the Writing Contests in the sidebar.

Autumn 2015 Issue The 2015 Youth Honor Award Winners are:
* Sophie Xu, 16, Illinois
* Isabella Ronchetti, 13, Virginia
* Nicole Weinrauch, 13, Singapore
* Angela Liu, 16, California
* Ryan Yi, 16, California
* Elaine Park, 16, Washington
* Karishma Muthukumar, 15, California
The following are Joint (or Group) Winners:
* Students at Na‘au, Hawai‘i
* Nicole Chan, 15, and Alex Lam, 15, of Hong Kong
* Lindsey Mutz, 16, Raul Dutta, 14, Doug Roche, 17, all from Michigan, and Abbie Menard, grade 8, Virginia

In addition, the Awards issue features many noteworthy entries, as well as articles, poems and photos on diverse themes like nature, life, learning, laughter and loss. Everyone who entered the Youth Awards will receive a comp. copy of the issue in September. You can also order a copy for your school, library or home use. Click here for the ordering form.

Summer 2015 issue

The 2015 Honor Award Winners have been announced. We have recommended 25 exceptional books and five teaching resources this year. The winners are also being announced in our Summer 2015 issue to be released in mid June. The new edition will feature colorful photographs of Children of the Americas by seasoned photographer Paul Dix, a two-page spread of Nature Haiku by children, the winners of the 2015 Celebrate America Creative Writing Contest, as well as scores of your creative writings. A great issue for your summer reading!
Download the 2015 Skipping Stones Book Awards List.
Click to download the 2015 Skipping Stones Book Awards Reviews.

Skipping Stones is pleased to share with you that the Nepal Benefit event organized in Eugene on Sunday, May 24th, to help rebuild lives in Nepal after the recent powerful earthquakes was a huge success. The multicultural music and dance performances helped generate close to $6,000 for relief work in Nepal. We strongly believe that as global citizens we must help in this hour of need in Nepal. We are all a part of the global family.

Skipping Stones is a proud co-sponsor of the 2015 Celebrate America Creative Writing Contest organized by the American Immigration Council. The fifth grade national winners will all receive Skipping Stones subscriptions and are being featured in the summer 2015 issue to be released in a couple of weeks.

Winter 2015 Issue A very Happy New Year to you! The first issue of our 27th year is ready. It contains articles, poems, stories and photos from around the world. It features photoessays on Ireland, the People's Republic of China, and Sierra Leone. The issue has already been mailed to our subscribers. Expect your issue next week! If you want to subscribe, renew, get sample copies or order extra copies, please contact us.

The 2015 Haiku Contest has been announced. Haiku entries are due by Feb. 5, 2015. Entries will be considered for both the 2015 Asian Celebration exhibit and our magazine pages.
Click here to download the guidelines.

The 2015 Book Awards Program will accept entries sent by Monday, Feb. 2, 2015.
You can click here to download the 2015 Book Awards Entry Form.

Our Autumn issue has been released. It features the 2014 Youth Honor Awards. The winners have been sent an attractive Honor Certificate, five books, and a subscription to the magazine. To enter the 2015 Youth Honor Awards click on the Youth Awards under the Writing Contests in the sidebar.

Autumn 2014 Issue The 2014 Youth Honor Award Winners are:
Nicole Weinrauch, 12, Singapore
Karishma Muthukumar, 13, California
Isabella Sobejano, 14, Pennsylvania
Koyuki Sakurada, 15, California
Minh Le, 15, New Jersey
Lucy Hsiao, 16, Colorado

The following are Joint (or Group) Winners:
Imagine Scholars in Nkomazi, South Africa
Thisbe Forman, grade 3, California
Sophie Litzenberg, 13, Florida
Vidhi Patel, 17, California
Ilana Weinstein, grade 12, New York
Sophia Collins, 6, and Emelysse Jacobo, 6, both of New Jersey

In addition, the Awards issue features many noteworthy entries, as well as articles and photos on diverse themes like international immigration, celebrations and festivals, and your poems and art on themes like nature, life, love, laughter and loss. Everyone who entered the Awards will receive a comp. copy of the issue in October. You can also order a copy for your school, library or home use. Click here for the ordering form.

The 2014 Book reviews are in.
Click here to download book reviews of the 2014 winners.

Please note that beginning with January 2014, we are publishing four issues during the year (on a quarterly schedule).

Happy International Women’s Day, March 8th! March is observed as the Women’s History Month. Our Spring 2014 issue (to be released on March 21) features Women Role Models and "She Died for Women’s Rights," an article about Tahiri, a courageous Iranian woman from the 19th century. It is written by Ms. Celia Taghdiri, originally from Iran. Read the article here (PDF).

Spring 2014 issue Our Spring 2014 issue features Armenia, as well as the 2014 Haiku Contest, Diversity, Nature, and Women Role Models. You can order it from us for $8.00, including postage.

The Autumn 2015 issue will feature the 2015 Youth Honor Awards and the TEN winning entries. See the details under Youth Honor Awards.

In November 2013 Skipping Stones was honored by the National Association for Multicultural Education with the 2013 NAME Multicultural Children's Publication Award during their 23rd Annual Conference in Oakland, California. The award recognizes Skipping Stones for promoting multicultural understanding in children's literature, nurturing diverse perspectives and publishing creative work by students in each issue during the last 25 years. This is the third time that NAME has honored Skipping Stones with a national recognition.

The entry deadline for the 2014 Youth Award entries is Tuesday, May 27th! Ten winning entries and a few noteworthy entries will be featured in our Fall 2014 issue. We invite your best creative works (writing and art) by May 27th! Everyone who enters the awards program will receive the autumn issue.
Click here for the guidelines (PDF).

See the editor of Skipping Stones speak at the Eugene Public Library on April 6th! Click here for details.

The 2013 Book Award reviews are available on our website! For our 25th year, we have recommended 25 exceptional books and teaching resources.
Click here to download 2013 Skipping Stones Honors List.
Click here to view book reviews of the 2013 winners.

To receive a copy of the Summer 2013 issue featuring the Book Awards, children's nature haikus, poetry, stories, and photoessays on Bolivia and Chinese culture, contact us via email.

2013 Youth Honor Awards Announced!
Our Sept.-Oct. 2013 features the 2013 Youth Honor Awards. The winners receive an attractive Honor Certificate, five books, and a subscription to the magazine. Sept.-Oct. 2012 Issue

The 2013 Winners are:

1. Students of Na`au, Hawai`i.**
2. Cover Art by Dhruthi Mandavilli, 9, Oregon.
3. Isabella Cho & Emily Cho, 10, lllinois.**
4. Kate Davis, 10, New York.
5. Niikah Hatfield,14, homeschooler, Michigan.
6. Sabrina Szu, 15, California.
7. Cameron Comrie, 15, Georgia.
8. Lorenza Ramirez, 17, Maryland.
9. Kate Petroff, 17, Ohio.
10. Jaeyeon Baik, 17, Korea.
** indicate joint or youth group winners.

In addition, we have also published four noteworthy entries in the awards issue. The issue also contains articles and photos on diverse themes like teachings of the Dalai Lama, African American family traditions, and students' poems on nature, life, love, laughter and loss. You can order a copy for your school, library or home use. Click here for the ordering form.

Skipping Stones Publishes a Book!

Ask Nana Jean about Making A difference In August 2013, we published the second edition of Ask Nana Jean about Making A Difference, Reflections on Life by Prof. Jean Moule. It is a collection of Nana Jean columns from the last five years of Skipping Stones. You can order a copy of the book (with four color photos and illustrations) for $10 (which includes postage and handling).

The 2012 Book Award reviews have been released!
You can download the PDF file of 2012's reviews here.
Click here to download 2012's press release announcing the winners..
Click here to view 2011's reviews of the winners or order a copy of the Summer 2011 issue featuring the honor awards.

Skipping Stones January- February 2012 issue features photos of children in Mexico, a Sketchbook Journey in Mexico, Mali's Mud Cloth and Changing Climates in Public Schools.

Skipping Stones 27th Year Sale Continues!

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    This is our way of celebrating our 27th year, saying "Thank You!" for your support, and promoting international, multicultural and nature awareness.

    We invite you to support our nonprofit, educational and charitable work by purchasing a few back issues or by sending gift subscriptions to schools, libraries and friends. See ordering information for details.

  • Are you doing something to promote intercultural, international or interfaith understanding? Tell us about your projects or upcoming events. We would love to share your thoughts and news in Skipping Stones.

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    The Wild West Traditions

    My grandma and grandpa,
    Tom and Jackie,
    Have made a tradition
    Called the Wild West.

    Eating baked beans
    And shucking corn,
    Riding horses
    Until we are worn.

    Having fun
    Out in the sun,
    Searching for gold coins
    Is a game everyone joins.

    Hatchet throw
    And the Trading Post
    Are things
    People enjoy the most.

    Then there's "Fort Cuzzins"
    For my cousins and me,
    Oh, what a fun
    Place to be!

    Eating hot dogs
    Around the campfire
    Is something
    I always desire.

    Then there's the Pony Express game,
    A race to see
    Who the fastest can be
    Delivering mail on stick horses.

    It's every year
    And I hold it dear
    To my heart.

    I want to pass on the tradition
    So the next generation can listen
    To stories of the Wild West
    And have as much fun as I do.

    Kayla McAllister, 13, Colorado.



    Skipping Stones Magazine
    P.O. Box 3939
    Eugene, OR 97403 USA.
    Telephone: (541) 342-4956