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Book Donation Program

If you are a school librarian (or principal) in a low-income country or region of the world, including the United States, you can request a free one year subscription to our award-winning magazine, a set of about 100 back issues of our magazine or a box of children's books (mostly in English). We love to donate reading material-- books and back issues of Skipping Stones to schools and public libraries. Please send your request on a school or library letterhead.

We request that recipients cover the postage costs. The reading material and handling is free but the postage runs around $80 for the large Priority Mail Box containing books and back issues weighing around 20 pounds. That's the cheapest way we know to send reading material overseas. In the US, we send by media mail or Library Rate which costs much less or we can send more books and issues for the same cost. For low-income schools or libraries in the United States, we can send 40 pounds of books and magazines per box (and postage of around $30 to $35).

If you are a Peace Corps volunteer, we suggest that someone you know in the U.S. (e.g. your family or friends) can cover the postage for the shipment. If you have access to email, please communicate with us by email ( for faster communication. We can send multiple boxes of books depending on how much postage you are willing to cover. For example, about 20 pounds of books and back issues can be mailed for $80 in postage. A one-year subscription to Skipping Stones magazine will also be sent to your school/library as part of the donation. Sometimes, PCVs can arrange to have the donation sent to them via diplomatic pouch service. You can contact your country office for details on how to arrange this. It is a much secure and cheaper way for you to receive the donation (as the postage is under $40 per box).

Postage costs can be paid to us by a check made to Skipping Stones. If you wish to pay by PayPal, please send an e-mail to and ask us to send you a request for payment via email.



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