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Summer 2018

  1. Youth Honor Award entries were due by the 25th of June. Snail mail entries are trickling in to our mail box. We will announce the winners in our Autumn 2018 issue. In addition to the ten winners, we will also have some noteworthy entries in the issue. All entrants can expect to get a copy of the awards issue in September or October.
  2. The  2018 Book Awards were announced on June 6th. Our Summer 2018  issue has been mailed to the subscribers and contributors this week and it features: The 2018 Asian Celebration Haiku Contest, the 2018 Skipping Stones Book Awards for Exceptional Multicultural and Nature Books and Teaching Resources, and the 2018 Celebrate America Creative Writing Contest of the American Immigration Council. It also contains children’s art,  stories, poetry and  other submissions by educators and adult authors. A great issue for your summer reading pleasure! Contact us if to order it.
  3. The reviews of 2018 winning books can be downloaded here.