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Welcome to the Autumn 2019 Issue of

Skipping Stones: A Multicultural Literary Magazine

The 2019 Youth Honor Awards

We are pleased to honor the following students for their creative work promoting an understanding of cultural diversity and/or appreciation of nature with our 2019 Youth Honor Awards.  Their exemplary writing and art makes the 2019 Awards Issue worthy of your attention.

Our Hearty Congratulations to the 2019 Winners:

*  Sanah N. Hutchins, 9,  Washington DC

* Jisoo Yoo, 10, California 

* Lynn Tao, 14, Virginia

* Uma Menon, 16, Florida

* Athena Yao, 16, New York

* Grace Pignolo, 16, Minnesota

* Isabelle Han, 17, Texas

** Fourth Graders, Laurence School, California

** Students at Na‘au Learning Center, Hawai‘i

** Farah Lindsey-Almadani, 15, Washington and  Sophie Zhu, 16, California                                                                   

Joint Awards, denoted by **, are multiple entries from two or more students that are being recognized together. The winners of the 2019 Skipping Stones Youth Honor Awards will each receive an honor certificate, five multicultural and/or nature books, and a subscription to Skipping Stones (Joint winners will share the prizes).  Winners will also be invited to our Student Review Board.

Hearty Congratulations also to the 30th Anniversary Contest Winners:

* Hiba Faruqi, 16,  Texas

* Albert Ko, 10, Hawaii. 

* Renny Jiang, 16, California.

* Manjari Sharma, 16, India

* Caitlin Roberts, 17, Alaska

** Grade 2 and 3 Students at Saraha Children’s School, Oregon

** Emily Green’s 8th Grade Students, Toledo, Ohio

The winners of the contest will each receive an honor certificate, and 30 back issues (Joint winners will share the prizes) and complimentary copies of the current issue.  Winners will also be invited to our Student Review Board.

The Autumn issue will be mailed to the subscribers and contributors on Sept. 24th and 25th.

Our Summer 2019 issue has been released. The issue features:

Annual Asian Celebration Haiku Contest, with over 50 haiku and nature art by students

The 2019 Honors List of 27 Multicultural and Nature Awareness Books, and 3 teaching resources

• The 2019  Celebrate America Creative Writing Contest of the American Immigration Council

• And much more… poems, stories, and also nature photos by photographer Katsuyuki Shibata.

See sample pages from the issue under CONTENTS menu bar.

You can download the Honors List of 2019 Skipping Stones Book Awards, p.1, and Book Awards, p.2

You can also download reviews of the award-winning books here.
• Youth Honor Award entries are now closed. Winners will be featured in Fall issue!

Spring 2019 issue (Vol. 31, no. 2) has been mailed to the subscribers and contributors. We have included a number of sample pages from the issue on this website. Please visit the CONTENTS tab and select Spring 2019 issues to  check out  sample pages of art, photos and writing from the issue.

Spring2019 cover

• A select group of the 2019 Asian Celebration Haiku Contest entries will be published in our Summer 2019 issue (Vol. 31, no.3). Check out the details under the Contests tab to enter your best creations.

30th Anniversary Contest (entry date closed)! We are working on selecting the winners. The winning entries will be featured in our Autumn 2019 issue.

We invite  creative writing by youth (7 to 18 year olds) on intercultural, international or multicultural understanding and/or nature & environmental themes.  Essays, letters, stories, etc.  should be exactly 30 words or 30 sentences, and poems should be either 30 words or 30 lines, exactly.

Please include a parental permission allowing us to publish your entry if selected, contact information, and a cover letter telling us about your age/grade, your cultural background, dreams and visions. Entries must be received by April 30th, 2019. Winners will be published in our Autumn 2019 issue, and they will also receive a certificate and 30 back issues of Skipping Stones as a prize.  

Send your contest entries to: 

or snail mail to:  P. O. Box 3939, Eugene, Oregon 97403 USA

Winter 2019 SK

The 2018 Multicultural Art Exhibit was on display at the Eugene Public Library and also at several other locations in Eugene during October and November 2018. The Spring 2019 issue will feature many of the art pieces that were on display.

2019 Skipping Stones Book Awards:

The 2019 Skipping Stones Book Awards program has been announced. We invite multicultural, international and / or nature books and teaching resources from authors, creators and/or publishers. All entries should be received for our consideration by February 28th, 2019. The winners will be announced in our Summer 2019 issue (Vol. 31, no. 3) and on the website in June 2019.

For more information about the 2019 Book Awards program, please click:  2019Publisher.Request. 

For the 2019 Entry forms, please click: BookAwards form 2019

Our Autumn 2018 issue features the 2018 Youth Honor Awards— an amazing collection of multicultural art, photography and creative writing by students from around the world.

  • Youth Honor Award winners have been finalized. We will also announce the winners in our Autumn 2018 issue to be released on Sept. 21st. In addition to the ten winners, we plan to publish a number of noteworthy entries in the issue. All entrants can expect to get a copy of the awards issue in end of September or early October, depending on where they live. International students should expect the issues in the second half of October.

Hearty Congratulations to the 2018 Youth Honor Award Winners: all the amazing artists and authors listed below!

• Aevah Aadya Arun, age 7, Ontario, Canada

•  Montserrat Llacuna, age 10, Massachusetts, and Aliya Shetty Oza, age 9, India

•  Anne Grier, age 12, Maryland, and Amithi Tadigadapa, age 13, Pennsylvania

•  Kaya Dierks, age 15, California, and Tanisha Gunby, age 15, California

•  Manjyot Kaur, age 16, New York. (see cover art).

•  Maya Savin Miller, age 15, California, and Koluchi Odiegwu, 17, Georgia

•  Clare Maleeny, age 17, New York, and Hunter Bren, 14, California

•  Students of Na‘au Learning Center, Honolulu, Hawai‘i

• Artwork by Students of Teacher Hyun Sung Jung in South Korea

•  Student Table Tennis Activists Foundation; founded by Albert Zhang, 17, Georgia

The Awards issue will be mailed by Sept. 21st to all the winners and the entrants as well as our subscribers.

Summer 2018

  • The  2018 Book Awards were announced on June 6th. Our Summer 2018  issue has been mailed to the subscribers and contributors this week and it features: The 2018 Asian Celebration Haiku Contest, the 2018 Skipping Stones Book Awards for Exceptional Multicultural and Nature Books and Teaching Resources, and the 2018 Celebrate America Creative Writing Contest of the American Immigration Council. It also contains children’s art,  stories, poetry and  other submissions by educators and adult authors. A great issue for your summer reading pleasure! Contact us if to order it.
  • The reviews of 2018 winning books can be downloaded here.