Writing & Art by Adults

Nice Rice by Gloria Lauris, Canada

Art by Sophie Navarro, Oregon

Snake Island by Debby Shade, Texas

Haenyeo, the Sea Women of Korea by Fanny Wong, New York

Life Aboard an Iceberg by Carla Sabotta, Washington.

Poems & Photos from Rohingya Refugee Camp By Mohammed Faisal, 19, Bangladesh

Words of Disbelief by Maggie D., African American poet, Washington.

A Gift By Chad Glang, Ph.D., Colorado

Mrs. Anne’s Closet By Melissa Harris, Illinois. Illustration by Madeline Harris, 11, Illinois

The Boy who Wanted to be a Bullfighter By Greg Evans, Tennessee

Mabel Ping-Hua Lee: A Chinese-American Pioneer for Suffrage By Fanny Wong, New York