Writings by Youth

Overlooked Oppression by Lily Fu, 17, Texas

Sit by Me by Sonia Mehta, 17, Ohio

Taiwanese Food by Camille Chen, 10, California

A New Home by Ace Yeom, 15, South Korea

The Horse That Jumps by Ava Shorten, 11, Ireland

Girl Meets Belief by Ishita Shukla, 16, India

The Sock Problem by Karena Christen, 12, Latvia

My Love for Written Words By Mehek Azra, 15, New York

A Journey Behind the Walls By Eileen Kim, 17, South Korea

I’m a Young African Elephant Calf , A flash fiction by Alina Yuan, 17, California

Erwin: A Holocaust Survivor By Maggie Satterthwaite, age 16, Massachusetts

Sri Lankan (Sinhalese) New Year By Seja Kularatna, age 10, Wisconsin

Our Buddhist Meditation Class By Seja Kularatna, age 10, Wisconsin

The Codependency between ‘Peace’ and ‘Trust’ By Aliya S., grade 7, INDIA

What’s It Like to Be a Teen with Social Anxiety By Mehek Azra, age 15, New York

Blindfolded By Doeun (Jessica) Kim, age 14, Manila, Philippines

Ibn Battuta: The Marco Polo of Islam By Sahil Prasad, grade 4, Maryland

Kindness Is Magic By Lila Drowos, age 10, Florida

Mother’s Daughter By Samantha Liu, age 16, New Jersey

Why I Need My Cell Phone By Beatriz Lindemann, age 13, Florida

Xiāng Xiāng By Jessica Wang, age 16, New York