Youth Honors Award

2020 Youth Honor Awards Program

(Winners to be announced in our Autumn 2020 issue!)

Promoting Multicultural Awareness, International Understanding and Nature Appreciation

Traditions and Celebrations * Diversity and Tolerance * International/Intercultural Experiences * Dreams and Visions * Youth Activism * Family and Society * Nature and Environment * Energy and Climate Change Issues * Peace, Justice and Equality

The Youth Honor Awards recognize creative and artistic works by young people that promote multicultural, international and nature awareness. You might like to read the Youth Honor Award winning entries in our recent issues (Vol. 31, no. 4 or Vol. 30, no. 4) before submitting your entries.

Entry Guidelines:
Original writing (essays, interviews, poems, plays, short stories, etc.) and art (photos, paintings, cartoons, etc.) from youth, ages 7 to 17, should be typed or neatly handwritten. The entries should be appropriate for ages 7 to 17. Prose under 1,000 words; poems under 30 lines. Non-English and bilingual writings, photo essays and art pieces (up to 8) are equally welcome.
You may also choose to highlight the work of a youth organization or group project. Using the same guidelines as above, tell us how the group works to preserve nature or enrich the community, its members and the lives of others.
Entries must be sent (e-mailed or postmarked) by  25 June, 2020.

Please include:
• A cover letter telling about yourself and your submission, your age, address and telephone number or e-mail.
• Certificate of originality (This is an email or a short letter from a parent or teacher) telling us that what you are entering is YOUR OWN WORK and that we have your and your parents’ permission to publish it in Skipping Stones if judged worthy of inclusion.
• $5 entry fee ($6, if sent by Paypal). Low-income entrants and subscribers can enter for free, and         • A way to contact you (an e-mail or telephone for you or your parents). Every student who sends an entry for the Youth Awards will receive a copy of Skipping Stones featuring the winning entries.
Ten winners will be published in the Autumn 2020 issue.
Winners will receive an Honor Award Certificate, complimentary copies of Skipping Stones, and five nature and/or multicultural books.

Send your award entries (5 entries, max) and submissions to Skipping Stones by e-mail or snail mail at the address below.
To pay the Entry Fee send a check to the address below and send your entries by mail / email (with attachments) to:

The Editor
Skipping Stones Magazine
P. O. Box 3939
Eugene, OR 97403 USA