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Volume 12, #3 (May -- August 2000)

Summer Reading

  • The Skipping Stones Honor Awards 2000: Our selection of outstanding multicultural and nature books, teaching resources and educational videos.

Click here for a short review of the winners.


  • The Music of the Earth
  • Busy Barnacles
  • How Do Compost Piles Work?
  • Jennifer: A Tree of Life
  • Summer Walk
  • Aspens
  • Kids At Work: A photo essay
  • Thu Loan's Boat
  • Kim Phuc: A Beacon of Light from Vietnam
  • On the Street Where I Lived in the Philippines
  • A Baobab's Life: The fascinating tree of East Africa
  • Sweden: Land of the Midnight Sun
  • I Do It For the Joy It Brings: Cross-country bike trip
  • The Grand Staircase of Nature in Utah
  • Writing
  • WaveTrain
  • Creation Poem
  • Family: Grandmothers
  • Learning to Ride A Bike
  • A Special Brother
  • Small Hero

Regular Departments

  • From the Editor
  • What's On Your Mind?
  • Dear Hanna: Peace Garden in England
  • Skipping Stones Stew
  • International Pen Pals Wanted
  • N.E.W.S.
  • Suggestions for Summer
  • BookShelf: Multicultural and Nature Books
  • Guide for Parents and Teachers
  • Back Cover: Nature Photos in Utah

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the paddle rests across my sun-baked legs
droplets of water hiss against my kayak.
the river moves slowly,
                                     steadily down.
I am surrounded by layers of feathers that 
cushion my every move.
the water begins to rumble,
as it rams unrelenting into obstinate rock.
the feathers become fingers,
reaching for my kayak.
they threaten to pull me down
	      crush me against the beckoning rocks
		paddle stroke and they are silenced.
my eyes take in the danger before me.
     	      analyze it, memorize it--yet
I map my path in the eternity of a moment
aim my fragile float down it and


		    of thrill.

-- Amanda Marusich, 14, Eugene, Oregon

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Learning to Ride a Bike with You, Dad

   Stepping, sliding onto the slippery pedals
   With both of my trembling feet
Looking into your eyes, like shimmering marbles
     confidence,       reassurance,        strength
	A warm glow overcame my body
    Knowing you would catch me if I fell
  An extra safety net at a circus
         A sudden push, my world moved suddenly
    Security, like a child's blanket
	Warm and comfortable

		I almost fell to the concrete.
	"One more time,"
You said, knowing I could do it
   Stepping,    sliding,    shaking,   once again
       Determination dreadfully detailed my mind
   My world was going faster, then
	I felt another push
		I couldn't stop
   Large muscular arms swept me up
			Like a newborn baby
		swinging me to and fro
   anxiously awaiting another awesome adventure
	I will remember always
   A delightful hour
	When you, Dad,
		taught me 
			how to ride a bike.

-- Laura Phillips, 13, Goshen, Kentucky

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When I write I enter a world
that is known only to me.
A world very unique, not of this Earth,
where thoughts are free to run wild with
memories, cherished like hot chocolate
on a cold winter night,
and trees, filled with words like books.
Where rivers flow with sentences
that get washed onto the banks,
and jumble, combine, fuse, blend, scramble,
connect, and link
to form beautiful poems and stories of
adventure, mystery, and romance.
When I need inspiration
I climb a tree and pluck some words,
or have a conversation with a thought,
or stroll along the river banks
and read some tales.
But when the day dissolves into night,
the sun begins to fade
behind the hills and trees,
and the WHOOSH of the
rushing, rambling river
calms to a hum of gentle waves, then
my journey must end.
As I leave my small, beautiful world,
I whisper goodbye and think
of tomorrow's adventure
and what it will bring
to the awaiting page.

-- Emma Watson, 12, Prospect, Kentucky

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Creation Poem

After creating my first picture
On my first day of school,
I said, "Cool!"
And did a double cartwheel.

After creating my first sand castle
When I first went to the lake
I said, "Now I'll bake a cake!"
And did a triple somersault.

After creating my first cake
When I first learned to cook,
I said, "Look!"
And did a quadruple
backwards flip.

After creating my first speech
When I first had a debate,
I said "This is great!"
And did a quintuple butterfly.

After creating my first invention
When I was first a scientist,
I raised my fist
In victory!

After creating my first book
When I was first writing
I said, "Let's stop
all the fighting!"
And did a peace sign.

After that
I said, "Time to rest!"
And I did.

-- Terrence Williams, 14, Chicago, Illinois



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