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We are suspending printing the magazine after Vol. 33, no. 1 (Jan. – Mar. 2021) issue. If you subscribed recently, you will receive the two new issues (Vol. 32, no. 4 and Vol. 33, no. 1) and two past issues from 2020 or 2019, so that you get a total of four issues as a part of your subscription. We will continue to add new content to our website every so often. We invite you to visit the website frequently. The content will be available free of charge. Thank you.

Skipping Stones is a nonprofit children’s magazine that encourages cooperation, creativity and celebration of cultural and linguistic diversity. We explore stewardship of the ecological and social webs that nurture us. We offer a unique forum for communication among children from different lands and backgrounds. Skipping Stones expands horizons in a playful, creative way. We seek suggestions, submissions, subscriptions and support.

Editor and Publisher:
Arun Narayan Toké

Board of Directors:
Paulette Ansari, Esther Celis, Steve Mallery, Ron Marson, Joachim Shultz, and Arun N. Toké.

Skipping Stones (Pub. No. 015-089) is published quarterly by Skipping Stones, Inc., 166 W. 12th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401. The print editions are suspended since Volume 33, no. 1.

To submit, order issues, request reprint permission, or to request a copy of our recent annual report, please write to:
Skipping Stones Magazine
P. O. Box 3939
Eugene, OR 97403 USA

You can also send your requests via email to: info (at) skippingstones.org
Tel. number: (541) 342-4956

For shipping, please use our street address:
166 W. 12th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401




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