Ten Square Feet

 By Beau Heese, grade 7, Missouri.
 Ten Square Feet
 Weeds brush at my side,
 a twig breaks,
 a frog bellows.
 And the birds, musicians
 from a time long before man,
 begin to sing.
 I sit, looking at the color around me.
 Bright white flowers sit to my right,
 swaying in the morning breeze,
 while vines dangle from an oak tree to my left.
 My eyes wander, staring at the life around me.
 I cannot look away.
 I am freezing,
 and it is still dark out,
 but I am in awe.
 The beauty of our world,
 is absolutely incredible, more colorful
 than anything we could ever create.
 And all of this in just
 ten square feet.
 By Beau Heese, grade 7, Missouri. 

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