My View

“My View” by Julia Dun Rappaport, grade 9, Massachusetts.
 My View
 By Julia Dun Rappaport, grade 9, Massachusetts.

 I like to gaze out my window, the thick black telephone
 Wires criss-crossing my
 A bare tree shoots up from the Earth of the
 Yard. I wait for it to bloom. I eagerly await the leafy greenness to fill the pane. Two
 Blue jays are perched on a nearby branch.
 I see the ruffle of the sunbathed brush, and picture Wind
 Combing my hair with her
 Gentle fingers.
 The sky is a pale hue of
 Pastel azure. Swollen clouds dot its rounded edges. A faint tune from wind chimes
 Dances on the air.
 It rained yesterday, and the petrichor lingers still, the scent
 Grasping the atmosphere. I can nearly taste the sweetness of the
 Fresh world. I
 Imagine the earthy, crisp pleasantness on my
 But I taste nothing but the staleness of the room. I see
 Nothing but the blankness of my computer
 I hear nothing but the clacking of my keys and the soft
 Whirring of technology around me.
 Surrounded in this modern world.

Julia is a writer, poet, and artist. Her designs and paintings have won several art contests. She adds:

“This year has changed many things about me. From my lengthening golden-brown hair to my taller height, many noticeable things about me are different now than they were before the pandemic. Other things have changed, too. My life used to be riddled with insecurities, worries, and slight, nagging doubts. I am not saying that everything is gone now, but the virus has brought more than just sorrow. COVID-19 is a horrific thing, and it has terrorized our world. But, as my teachers waved to me through a screen, I realized that my life has forever changed. I no longer need to be validated through praise of others. This leads me to today. I am inspired to submit to Skipping Stones because I would like to prove to myself that I am a creative, intelligent individual who deserves a spot in Skipping Stones. I have learned to be a writer, to see and think differently. I am still learning. I am a young writer, and I would like to thank you for this opportunity. This is a chance to see myself as more than some kid. This could be a representation of progress. I am not saying that I need to be accepted; the simple act of submitting my work is proof of growth. All in all, I am inspired to submit to Skipping Stones because quarantine has helped me learn and grow, and I am ready to share that growth with you.”

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