El Musico


By Denisse Gonzalez-Amador, age 14, Texas.

My fingers were tired from strumming the guitar

they rested on the small table I sat at

while I ate the freshly made quesadillas

the little money I owned was put into something I loved the most,

being a musician like the ones on billboards

but I was different

I performed at restaurants that gave me breakfast, lunch, and dinner

I cherished the small things

the flowers were thrown onto the small stage where I had poured my feelings into a loving song

the walls had my name painted, to come and watch me do the thing I love most

I have sung and played all the instruments to each song

As the customers eat their food while listening to the songs I handcraft

the luminosity in their eyes push me to continue my job

It doesn’t matter if my apartment is falling apart

whether my clothes have tears and stains in them

I will continue to showcase my one true talent

This is what I am, el músico.

By Denisse Gonzalez-Amador, Texas.
Denisse adds: “​I am a 14-year-old student at Meyerland Performing and Visual Arts. I’m a part of the creative writing magnet program. My cultural background is Hispanic culture, where we celebrate Quincenera (a celebration associated with turning 15 year old), Dia de los Muertos (a festival that celebrates our ancestors and loved ones that we have lost), and the Three Kings Day (The three wise men who came to see baby Jesus). I speak English and a small portion of Spanish. What is important to me is my life and family. My dreams and visions for the future are: becoming a businesswoman, a popular artist, and a poet. What inspired me to create my submission is the thought of my work being read and being published. I want people to see the work I create.”