Art by Youth

We are pleased to share some of the art pieces received from youth.

Sketching and Painting a Horse by Janelle Tang, senior, England, UK.

The 2023 Essay & Art Contest on Civil and Human Rights

Kaleidoscope of Freedom by Camille Campbell, age 17, Arizona

What Would Our Ancestors Think by Daniel Liu, age 16, New York

The First Casualties in the War Against Earth by Daniel Liu, 16, New York

Horse Dream by Tang Li, age 9, Texas

Happika Creature by Tory Won, age 7, South Korea

Art Essay by Jaeyeon Kim, age 19, a student from South Korea

Tiger Car by Shawn Yang, age 5, California

The Yellow Bird by Nyla Wong, age 8, New York

Silk Paintings and a poem by Camille Campbell, age 17, Arizona

My Mask by Dylan Margolis, age 10, Oregon. Art by Claire Sonia Hsu, age 7, Indonesia

Fire Dragon by Jiacheng Yu, age 6, Florida.