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Skipping Stones Autumn 2019 Issue

Skipping Stones

Vol. 31, No. 4                                           Oct. – Dec. 2019                                     ISSN: 0899-529X

The 2019 Youth Honor Awards  •  30th Anniversary Contest

 2        Art by Athena Yao, 16, New York

 5        The Mid-Autumn Festival

 6        Our 30th Anniversary Contest:  An Attempt

 7        Isolated Island Paradise  •  Yellow Skin and Pink Hair

 8        16 Chimes  •  Girl Love

 9        “Faces from the Earth”

10       Students at Saraha Children’s School  •  The United States of America

11       Small Things, Big Difference  •  Trophy Hunting

12       Noteworthy Entries:  A Letter to Nature  •  The Golden Beach  •  The Sun

13       Skin of a Tree  •  Devoid  •  Clouds 

15       Ancestral Footprints: Journeys through the African Diaspora

21       2019 Youth Honor Awards:  True Equals

22       Athena Yao’s Art  •  I Am the Flow of Eddies

23       Poetry by Uma Menon, 16, Florida

24       Poems by 4th graders at the Laurence School, California

25       Poems and Art by Students of Na‘au Learning Center, Hawai‘i

26       “Colorful Feast”  •  Red and Gold

27        My Love and Pride

28        Spark of Inspiration                                               

29        The Peacock: El Pavo Real  •  Zanier

30        Plight of Polar Bears in the Arctic  •  My Truth

31       Open the Door  •  Purpose  •  Letters to Planet Earth

32       Join Kids Fighting for Climate Justice      

Regular Departments

Cover Self Portrait by Isabelle Han, 17, Texas.

3          From the Editor:  Connecting With Nature and People

14        Nana Jean:  Connecting through Animals

15        Cultural Collage:  Ancestral Footprints

33        Noteworthy N.E.W.S. & Taking Action

34        BookShelf

35        Nature Art Entries by Students

36        Back Cover

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