Other Writing Contests!

Contest Winners Announced! Soroptimist International of Eugene & Skipping Stones Magazine have announced the Winners of our 2023 Women in S.T.E.M. Awards. You can read the winning entries here. The three winning entries have also been published in our March-August 2023 issue. You can read the Spring 2023 issue hereThe winners were honored at the awards dinner organized by the Soroptimist International of Eugene on March 8th in Eugene.

*NEW* We are co-sponsoring yet another writing contest: Quill and Keyboard, a not-for-profit organization, comprised of high school students, is hosting a writing contest for teenage authors. With the rise of technology like ChatGPT, they realized that it is even more critical to provide more opportunities to creative writers. Skipping Stones Magazine has agreed to cosponsor their contest and publish winners in categories like the Personal Essays, Song Lyrics, poetry, and Journalism, out of the 15 categories (Poetry, Song Lyrics, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Short Story, Personal Essays, Novel Writing, Journalism, Humor, Flash Fiction, Dramatic Script, Critical Essays, Horror, Philosophy, Speeches, and Classic Literary Adaptations) that one can enter. There is no entry fee for this contest. 

Entries due by: May 20, 2023. You can download the details of the contest here.

30th Anniversary Contest (Past Program)

NOTE: The Winners were published in the Autumn 2019 issue.

We invite writings by youth (ages 7 to 18 years) on intercultural, international or multicultural understanding and/or nature & environmental themes.

Essays, letters, stories, etc. should be exactly 30 words or 30 sentences.

Poems must be either 30 words or 30 lines, exactly.

Please include a parental permission (allowing us to publish your work, if selected for publishing), your contact information, and a cover letter telling us about your age/grade, your cultural background, dreams and visions. Entries must be received in our office by 30th of April 2019.

Winners will be published in our Autumn 2019 issue. They will also receive a certificate and 30 back issues of Skipping Stones as a prize.

Send your entries to:  editor(AT)skippingstones(DOT)org

P. O. Box 3939, Eugene, Oregon 97403 USA