Spring 2018

Skipping Stones

Vol. 30, No. 2                                 April – June 2018                               ISSN: 0899-529X

Celebrating Our 30th Year! • Children’s Art

5   Seattle: The Cover Art

7   In Puerto Rico, Long Ago

8   The Spirit of Puerto Rico Shines On:  After  Hurricane  Maria

9   An Interview with Eric Simon, a Friend of the Snakes

11  The Journey

13  Folktale! Peaches

14  Innate    Drafts    The Problem with Teachers

15  Nature Photography by Rebecca Oet, 16, Ohio

16 The Beauty of Bali

18  Dance Anxiety

19  Haven

20  Remembering Gong-Gong

21   Un-named-ness

22   English and German: First Cousins

23   Getting Ready for School in Leqi Kingdom

24   Dragon Boat Festival    A Whole New World

26   Holding the Earth Together: Youth Voices Speak for Our World

27   An Afghan Refugee: Rejected of Her Own

30   2018 No Name-Calling Week & #KindnessInAction:   Untitled, a poem

31  Sticks and Stones, a poem

34  The 2017 Annual Multicultural Children’s Art Exhibition

  Regular Departments

Cover:  “Seattle” Art by Chankyo (Chris) Kim,16, Washington

2 2017 Multicultural Children’s Art Exhibit

6 What’s On Your Mind?

12 Nana Jean:  A Love of Wilderness

17 Cultural Collage

25  Skipping Stones Stew   

32 Noteworthy N.E.W.S.

33 BookShelf

36  2017 Multicultural Children’s Art Exhibit

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