Spring 2020-Full

Spring 2020 cover
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Skipping Stones

Vol. 32, No. 2                          April – June 2020                         ISSN: 0899-529X 

The 2020 Haiku Exhibit • Wonders of Wilderness

2. Haiku by Eighth Graders in Ohio

5. Unfinished Business • Faith: An Antidote to Coronavirus

6. Trudie Strobel: A Life in Tapestry

7. My Father: How Migration, Disability and Death Affected his Life

9. Why I Love New Mexico’s Forests and Public Lands • Which Is Better

10. I Could See the World

12. I’m Sorry to Say • The Girl I Want to Be

13. The Women’s Suffrage Campaign

15. Where Deer Play

16. Wonders of Wilderness: About the Photographer

17. Wonders of Wilderness: Photos by Paul Dix

21. Doom: Visiting our Family in Kashmir

22. The Bicycle

23. Turtle Troubles

24. Black Blizzard: Dalhart, Texas, 1935

26. Other Birds’ Songs

27. In Search of Flower Carpets in Germany

28. Forevermore

32. The 2020 Asian Celebration Haiku Exhibit

35. 2020 Haiku Art in Color

Regular Departments

Cover Art by Michelle Ying Zhang, grade 7, Shanghai, China.

3. From the Editor: Coping with the Current Challenges

8. What’s On Your Mind?

14. Nana Jean: On Dehumanizing Metaphors

22. Skipping Stones Stew

27. Cultural Collage

28. Poetry Page

30. Noteworthy N.E.W.S. & Taking Action

31. BookShelf

36. Back Cover: Haiku Art Entries