We are restarting our print editions with two issues a year–Autumn and Spring. An Institutional subscriber (Schools, libraries, businesses, and organizations) gets 2 copies of each issue (Spring and Autumn issues) for the $35/year rate. A family subscriber gets one copy of each issue for the $20/year rate (unless they subscribe at the Institutional rate). All subscribers–including their students, teachers and patrons–get a FREE access to the online content on our website. Low-income subscribers can get a $10 discount upon request.

Subscription (2 Issues/Year)

Subscription (2 Issues/Year)

If you want Canadian/overseas subscription of more than 3 copies, please send us an email to info (at) skippingstones (dot) org to find out the annual cost which includes overseas postage amount.
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Our Autumn 2021 issue, Vol. 33, no. 2 (featuring Haiku and Tanka poems and art entries, the 2021 Youth Honor Awards, and the 2021 Book Awards) can be ordered by sending us $8 (includes U.S. postage).
Our next printed issue (Autumn 2022) will be published in August 2022. It will feature the 2022 Book Awards, the 2022 Youth Awards and the Haiku/Tanka contest. All contributors and the YHA entrants will receive the issue when ready.
Skipping Stones is a nonprofit children’s magazine that encourages cooperation, creativity and celebration of cultural and linguistic diversity. We explore stewardship of the ecological and social webs that nurture us. We offer a unique forum for communication among children from different lands and backgrounds. Skipping Stones expands horizons in a playful, creative way. We seek suggestions, submissions, subscriptions and support.

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Arun Narayan Toké

Board of Directors:
Paulette Ansari, Esther Celis, Steve Mallery, Ron Marson, Joachim Shultz, and Arun N. Toké.

Skipping Stones (Pub. No. 015-089) has been published quarterly by Skipping Stones, Inc., 166 W. 12th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401. The print editions wee suspended after Volume 33, no. 2. Now, we are restarting our print editions; we will publish two issues (Spring and Autumn) a year, beginning with our Autumn 22 issues.

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