Celebrating Our 36th Year!

What’s New? Announcing our  Spring 2024 Issue (March – August 2024)  ~~  Buy printed copies here.

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Our Spring 2024 issue is here. It features Women in S.T.E.M., Nature and Unity in Diversity themes. Contributors and subscribers have been mailed their copies (digital copies, if you live outside of the USA). You can order printed issues or subscribe by going to this link. To read a digital copy, click here.

We have just announced the 2024 winners of the Minoru Yusai Student Art Contest.

Our 2024 STEM Contest for Lane County students Winners have been announced. The winning entries have been published in the March-August 2024 issue. You can read the winning entries by clicking 36.1.WomeninSTEMWinners.

New Feature: View Ukrainian Children’s Art Essay published recently on our website.

Download our special issue on Peace in Palestine and Israel.

The 2024 Book Awards, 2024 Youth Awards, and 2024 Haiku and Tanka Contest entries are open until May 5th. And, to celebrate our 36th year, we are offering 10 back issues for only $36, or 36 back issues for $100 (postage to US addresses included).


2023 Awards Issue (Sept-Dec 2023)

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Read 2023 Awards issue free of charge with our online PDF reader.

The 2023 Youth Honor Awards are featured in the Awards Issue along with the 2023 Book Awards. You can read the Book awards reviews here. The 2023 Celebrate America Creative Writing Contest winners also appear in the Awards 2023 Issue. Download the whole issue here.

We are publishing two issues a year (Spring and Autumn issues) at present, and also adding online content in between the issues. Please DO NOT use our post office box address for snail mail—use ONLY our street address: 166 W. 12th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97401 USA for all mailing and shipping/receiving.

About Skipping Stones: A Multicultural Literary Magazine

Founded in 1988, Skipping Stones is a timely and timeless, award-winning resource in multicultural and global education. We welcome your original art and writings in every language and from all ages.

In a typical issue of Skipping Stones, you will find poems, stories, articles, and photos from a region of the world, an ecosystem, and/or a culture. In this leading multicultural magazine, you can read thought-provoking writings by students as well as educators. Each issue features book recommendations, noteworthy news, and articles appropriate for both parents and teachers. Submissions are read by multiple reviewers before their publication so as to assure high quality content.

Skipping Stones is an international magazine. We celebrate ecological and cultural diversity, and facilitate a meaningful exchange of ideas and experiences. Readers and contributors of Skipping Stones, ages 8 to 17, and their educators, hail from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Youth respond to the world through Skipping Stones. We try to make the reading of Skipping Stones an active experience, relevant to issues confronting our readers locally and globally. Our contributors and readers come from many countries. From villages to inner cities, youth have something to say about their culture and religion, environment and neighborhood, or communities and school, and Skipping Stones provides a forum for sharing it. Any way they choose to express their dreams and opinions, we provide a place for writers and artists of all ages and backgrounds to communicate creatively and openly.

We invite you to participate in this exciting forum, now beginning its 36th year, with your submissions, subscriptions, suggestions, and support. Are you an educator—parent, teacher or a librarian? You might entice your students (or children) to send their best creations for our regular issues or annual awards. Make the magazine a showcase for your students’ creative work. Skipping Stones welcomes art and original writings in many languages and from all ages.

Our most recent issue featured winners of the 2023 Youth Awards, the annual Asian Celebration Haiku/Tanka Contest, as well as a national creative writing contest for fifth graders (organized by the American Immigration Council) on the theme that America is a nation of Immigrants, and our annual recommendations of multicultural and nature books for all ages. 

We continue to add new online content in between issues. We invite you to visit our website often to check out the poems, stories, art, and essays. Reading our digital content is absolutely free. Visit as often as you can!

As a tax-exempt, nonprofit, educational, and charitable organization, we rely on grants and donations from foundations and individuals to continue our educational and charitable work and to send free books, magazine subscriptions and back issues to low-income schools, organizations, and families. There are no commercial advertisements on our pages.

A Special Note to Oregon Residents: When you give to us and the Cultural Trust by Dec. 31st, you’re eligible for a deduction AND a state tax credit. Learn more at


Guatemala landscape photo on homepage of literary magazine for teens and pre-teens.Isak on top of Volcan de Santa Maria, Guatemala. Photo by Paul Dix, Oregon