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Editor and Publisher:  Arun Narayan Toké

Board of Directors:  Paulette Ansari, Esther Celis, Steve Mallery, Ron Marson, Joachim Shultz, and Arun N. Toké.

Skipping Stones Magazine is located at 166 W. 12th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401.

To submit, order issues, request reprint permission, or to request a copy of our recent annual report, please write to:
Skipping Stones Magazine
166 W. 12th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401 USA

You can also send your requests via email to: info (at) skippingstones(dot)org
Tel. number: (541) 342-4956

NOTE: We are no longer using our Post Office Box. Please take a note of the street address for future communication with us. Thank you.

For shipping, please use our street address:
166 W. 12th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401

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