Battle Under the Setting Sun

Battle Under the Setting Sun

My cousin and I stand across from each other,
eyes locked, anticipating.

Light, glistens off
the shiny metal of our armies.
The darkness begins to take over,
But the battle carries on.

A foot soldier attempts
a solo assault.
Only to be met with the full force
of my army’s elite.

Trades, traps, tricks, and exchanges
signal the end of the dance approaching.

My opponent attempts a final charge,
as the final light fades from the sky.
But as he assaults my left flank,
he makes his final mistake.

He has fallen right into my trap.

My eyes narrow with greed, as I prepare to finish the duel.
And excitement fills me as I bring an end to our contest.


—Beau Heese, grade 8, Missouri.

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