The Irreversible Apocalypse

By Fathima Nazer Karakkadan, h.s. sophomore from India, living in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

There’s a certain tragic enchantment in crumbling bridges

A prominent result of our actions.

A beauty in empty swings and abandoned parks,

Of unattended grass and dusty books.

The world listens to no one,

Each day is a reminder of how mortal we are,

Truly insignificant in the course of happenings

The sun combusts red now,

A revengeful fire,

Calling the attention of the ignorant beings of then,

Who did not care.

Taps don’t drip water anymore, there are no tides,

But constant sobbing of the hopeless

And the sons who used to drink to their sins.

Writings of good and evil

On morality and wicked

Have all been torn away

By vicious forces at hand.

Desperate prayers are not a remedy

For the annihilating moon

And the constant danger

Of our benighted neglect.

By Fathima Nazer Karakkadan, a high school sophomore student from India, living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Postscript: Fathima adds:

“To me, the biggest mystery in this world is its end. This is in no way a light topic, but everything must come to an end, and that includes our universe. And what better way to analyze it than to imagine it? ‘The Irreversible Apocalypse’ are my predictions on the course of events when the sun will combust, the sky will split and the world ceases to be. Those days are most probably filled with regret and remorse and indignant human beings who have no choice. When the world retaliates for what we’ve done to it, how could we ever stand a chance?”

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