Poems by Sophie Rodriguez

For all the Toledos

Darkness and suffering 

Sadness and fear live in the streets

Some of my own never get an opportunity 

To be scientists

To reach the planets 

But light lies ahead 

It surrounds us 

Sometimes physically around a neighborhood

Dry to those who cannot see

But full of soul and dreams 

Who I Am on the Inside

On the inside I am     

Strong Super-cali-frigi-listic Sophie                              

On the inside I am the     

Brave beautiful Believer                                        

On the inside I am one

Respectful Resilient Rodriguez

On the inside I am a

Passionate Peaceful Protester

On the inside I am a

Caring Creative Kind Community

On the inside I am the

Heavenly Hopeful Huasteca

On the inside I am the

Meritorious Motivated Mexica

A Mindful Marvel Miracle

Who are you on the inside?

By Sophie Rodriguez, age 9, Huasteca and Mexican American, Illinois. The poems were entered for the 2021 Youth Awards Program.

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