Words of Disbelief

 Words of Disbelief  

 Intently he listened
 Holding onto every word
 The yard was a thick tangle of
 Twigs lavender lilies, dandelions
 And grass
 He could not believe
 A month ago buds were just
 And now it was a jungle
 With clippers, rakes and a 
 We worked until our bones 
 Soon it looked like the
 Jardín Botánico in Mexico
 That night Paco whispered
 “I hear the crackle of plants
 Growing again”
 He was right
 In the morning everything had
 Shot up a tiny bit
 By Maggie d., African American poet, Washington, She adds: “The poem, Words of Disbelief, erupted from 
observing the stark contrast between winter and spring...” 

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