Winter 2020

Winter 2020 front cover

Skipping Stones 

Vol. 32, No. 1                                          January – March 2020                                 ISSN: 0899-529X 

Youth Speak Out  •  Landscapes of Tuscany, Italy

 2 Photos of the Redwoods and the Pacific Ocean 

 4 Excerpts from Mishka Banuri’s Keynote at the Bioneers

 6 Empathy

 7 Love  •  My Last Goodbye  •  Poems by Brooklyn Kuman

 8 I Am From • Starry Night • Frigid Diamonds • In A Land Not Mine

 9 The Benefits of Learning Chinese

10 Haiku  •  Landscapes of Tuscany

11 Landscapes of Tuscany:  Watercolor Paintings by Daemion Lee

13 A Trip to Lebanon

15 My Return Home

17 Nanouk:  Ours Polaire (French Translation)

20 Loha  •  The Difference Within

21 Passengers on New York Subway, 1983

22 My Dear Planet Earth 

23  The Cherry Tree

24   Simple Joys  •  Shiok!:  The Singapore Lingo, Singlish 

25   Singapore Botanic Gardens  •  My Winter Self  •  Recycling Protects Wildlife

26 Blues Kids: Budding Blues Musicians in Chicago, Illinois

27 Blues Kids: Teenagers learning Blues music from professional musicians

29  My Zoroastrianism Adventure

30  Dear Paly, Reflecting on High School

33  A Horse Race with No Finish

34  Endangered Animals

Regular Departments

Cover Isha Clarke at the 2019 Bioneers Conference. Photo:Hope Rollins 

 3 From the Editor:  Bioneers Gather to Incite Change

 7 What’s On Your Mind?

18 Skipping Stones Stew

19 Nana Jean and Granddaughter Ainsley Mae on Female Students of Color

28 Poetry Page 

31 Noteworthy N.E.W.S. & Taking Action

32 BookShelf

35  Portraits of Endangered Animals 

36  Back Cover:  Dr. Edwin Coleman Jr. Center’s Wall Murals

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