Writing & Art by Adults

Sustainability and Sustainable Consumption by T. Vijayendra, India

Peace in Ukraine by Satish Kumar, United Kingdom

The Navajo Code Talkers by Annie Smith, Alabama

Making Peace in Corona by Emily Singer, Israel

Remembering Kwanzza by Maggie d., Washington

In Search of Cool by Maggie d., Washington

What Peace Is to Me by Paulette Ansari, Georgia

The Sweetest Treat by Jacob Lockett, Pennsylvania

Sunflowers and Thoughts of Ukraine, an art collage

Discrimination Against Asians in the United States by Fanny Wong, New York

The Internment of Japanese Americans During WWII by Fanny Wong, New York

Celebrating Women’s History Month

The Grotto by Angelie Tumaghap Martzke, Michigan

The Swing by Greg Edblom, Eugene, Oregon

Gone Bananas by Connie Salmon, Connecticut

Longing to Leave by maggie d., Washington

Renowned Cartoonist Robb Armstrong by Nicole Borgenicht, California

Nice Rice by Gloria Lauris, Canada

Art by Sophie Navarro, Oregon

Snake Island by Debby Shade, Texas

Haenyeo, the Sea Women of Korea by Fanny Wong, New York

Life Aboard an Iceberg by Carla Sabotta, Washington

Poems & Photos from Rohingya Refugee Camp by Mohammed Faisal, 19, Bangladesh

Words of Disbelief by Maggie D., African American poet, Washington

A Gift by Chad Glang, Ph.D., Colorado

Mrs. Anne’s Closet by Melissa Harris, Illinois. Illustration by Madeline Harris, 11, Illinois

The Boy who Wanted to be a Bullfighter by Greg Evans, Tennessee

Mabel Ping-Hua Lee: A Chinese-American Pioneer for Suffrage by Fanny Wong, New York