Art by Sophie Navarro

Artist’s Statement:

I started making art at a very young age and have been actively promoting my artwork for more than 35 years, primarily in Eugene, Oregon. When I was eight years old, I sold my first collection of gift cards at a public market. I have always had a passion for, and gain inspiration from, fashion designs in old Vogue books. I love the 1920s-style flapper girls and classic New York-style fashion. I love patterns, lines and color. I enjoy details and textures.

My mother is from Paris, France and my dad is from Morocco, with Spanish descent. As a child, I loved creating art alongside my mother and watched how she painted ceramic tiles in her own style.

As I’ve gotten older, my style tends to change every five years as my life experiences inform my art’s evolution into new designs. The hallmarks of my work are stylized eyes and lips in my paintings of women. I enjoy using mixed media, specialized papers such as papyrus, and incorporating visuals such as musical notes. You can often find a word or a sentence in the flow of the hair, an embellishment in the coffee cup, or a swirled line that disappears into a heart painting.

Common themes in my art are:

• Women from the inside
• Honoring the past and incorporating the future
• Spiritual values
• Personal development
• Vision planning
• Words of affirmation

I am available for commission work and illustration design work.

—Sophie Navarro, Fine artist, illustrator, art instructor, and painter. Sophie lives in Eugene, Oregon and has French and Spanish heritage. 

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