Fall 2020

Fall 2020 Cover

Skipping Stones

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Vol. 32, No. 4          Oct. – Dec. 2020      ISSN: 0899-529X

2020 Youth Honor Awards

 2         Art by Rachel Yi 

 5        The Quilt of Our World  •  My Very Own Star

 7         Sunshine and Rubber Sandals

 9         If Only  •  White-washed

10        The Woman with No Name:  Earth  •  A World without Racism (DELETED*)

11        Nature’s Wondrous Majesty: A Photo Essay          

12       Stitches of Love  •  Overdreaming

13       Piano Concerto by Christopher Joszczyk

14       Huang:  Yellow 

16       A Beautiful Culture that Shaped Me

17       If We Lose This Battle  •  Yellow Peril, Black Power  •  #ifeeluseless

18       Poems by Laurence School Students, California       

19       Fifteen Years, Reworked  •  My Mama is Xiwangmu, Queen Mother of the West

20        An Interview with Julieta Martinez, 16, founder of Tremendas platform

21      Meanwhile

22      Poems Celebrating Women by Alison Karki 

23      Reclamation  •  The American Dream

24      The Shuttle Bus Towards Dawn

25      2020 Youth Honor Award Winners  •  Descendants of Survivors

26      Art and Photos by Srinjoyi Lahiri

27      Artist’s Statement by Srinjoyi Lahiri  •  The Stars Shine Bright

28      A Sleepy Village in Southern India

29      Italian Lifestyle

30      Empowering Virtual Conference with Congresswoman Grace Meng

31       Descendant  •  To Let A Man Breath  •  Timber! By the Lion’s Den

33       The Way of Life

35       Art Entries from Students in Korea     

Regular Departments

Cover “Black Lives Matter” by Christina Schulz, artist, California

  3        Guest Editorial:  Hope in the Time of Covid-19: A Student Perspective

  6        Skipping Stones Stew

  8        What’s On Your Mind?:  Ask – Why?

 32       Nana Jean:  On Black Lives Matter

 34       BookShelf

 36       Back Cover:  Youth Art

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  • Note: *This poem has been removed from the issue as it was found to be not original.