The Lure of the Extraordinary Peacock

The Lure of the Extraordinary Peacock
       by Prachi Kothari, age 11, Mumbai, India

A blue glow
That makes everyone say “Ooo”
The peacock’s feathers when spread look like they give to the ground, blue light
Which brings to the watchers, a charming smile
When the wet rain with the ground together clap
This scene is extraordinary, incredible, fab
The peacock starts dancing exceptionally arresting
We feel around us an ecstasy fencing
Golden green rays emit from their feathers
That we can’t stop to gather
For perceiving this wondrous sight
It would be marvelous if it could take a sky-high flight
When looking at it, our eyes pounce out and magically stop
The peacock is so magnificent from bottom to top.
If it comes dancing on the road
Everything from cars to people would be on hold
It spreads out its wings with valor
In us, we need to imbibe that gleaming color.
We should not just sit and perch on the tree
Do something outstanding that makes everyone feel glee
Animals should be given importance and cared
Do not let them become extinct and rare.
Increase the number of animals and birds
Build national parks and sanctuaries where they can freely and happily run
Store the beautiful sights of the peacock in your mind and heart
So that these pleasant sights keep coming repeatedly and ever last.

Prachi Kothari is a 11-yr-old author and has published several books in her series, "The Lightning Bulbs of My Heart". 
She lives in Mumbai, India, and she is a blogger. You can visit her site: She is one of the 
youngest podcasters and runs her show, 'Extraordinary World On Earth' where she spreads excellent awareness of the
environment. She is a YouTuber at 'Prachi Kothari' where she recites many of her poems.
She enjoys writing and hopes to create a better world for all.