Winter 2021 Issue

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Skipping Stones

Vol. 33, No. 1                              Jan. – Mar. 2021                          ISSN: 0899-529X

 Have A Healthy & Heart-Warming 2021!

 2         David Xiong Goes to Russia  •  Art: Katherine Han

 5        The Golden Light of Dawn  •  By the Border

 7         Second Home  •  Mother Earth

 8         Those Stares *Please also read the author’s comments after this piece.

 9         Seollal  •  Me

10        Koala Prints        

11       The Deer

12       An Intersection: Social & Environmental Issues

13       Muted: 5th Grade Conversations about Slavery  •  Gap in Climate Justice

14       Thirty-Five Pages 

15       A Sense of Community in E. King County

16       The Reckoning of an ABCD Indian

17       The Tale of Tulsi        

18       Comfortable in Her Own Skin

19        Visiting A Different Russia

20       Nuestro Lugar: Our Place

23        The Joy of Kwanzaa

24       Pieces of the Past

26       Crazy Rich Asians: A First Step Forward

27      Stories

28      New Normal

30       A Passion that Continued for Two Generations

31        The Rabbit on the Moon

32        Fast Fashion: The Beast behind Beauty

34        Self Discovery

       Regular Departments

Cover   Nature Art by Aria Luna, 10, California. See page 15.

 3        From the Editor   •  Learning New Languages & Traveling

 6        Skipping Stones Stew

21       Poetry Page

22       Nana Jean: Circles of Care

25       What’s On Your Mind? 

33       BookShelf

36       Back Cover: Nature Photos by Paul Dix, Oregon

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