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November 22, 2023
Thank you, Arun, for all the work that goes into producing this most wonderful magazine for children of the world!
—Cynthia Lewis-Berry, Oregon.

November 2, 2023
Thank you so much!! We are very happy to have my daughter Parnian’s first paper published in Skipping Stones. This will definitely be her life-time fuel tank to pursue her dreams one by one and use obstacles as stepping stones and jump forward like Skipping Stones!
I am honored to express my gratitude by saying that your organization has been and will be a life-changing center.
On behalf of Parnian, please thank your colleagues who made this happen. I truly believe it is an inclusively rich source of love, inspiration, and courage for anyone who visits your platform.
Good Job, Skipping Stones Team!
               —Dr. Ali Derahvasht, University of Malaya, Malaysia.

October 27, 2023
Dear Arun,
Our prayers are the best gift we can give for peace around the world. Yes, it is rather discouraging and I find that there’s only so much news I can watch on TV or hear over the radio.    
I visit your website periodically, and I am so impressed with the caliber of writing and artwork submissions posted from youngsters around the world. And it’s always a joyous occasion to receive the latest print issue in the post to hold and read. And afterwards I share the print issue with two young readers in Kodiak, Alaska. ¡Mil gracias, Arun!
With gratitude and kind regards,
            —Katacha Diaz, Peruvian American author, Oregon.

October 26, 2023
Greetings Arun,
Something I wanted to share with you; I commend you on your work with Skipping Stones. It really is a lovely venue for young writers and artists worldwide. I feel honored that I am part of it.
And as I work on reducing the stigma of mental illness, and quitting smoking, you work on creating understanding of, and between, all young people. With empathy and compassion. And there is great wisdom in all of this. We all have so much in common. In reality, each of us are branches from the same tree. And that tree is love.
So as we travel on this wandering path together, may we enjoy the simple things. And know that our children hold the hope for an even better future. I say this because my higher power—my friends and family—has given me such wonderful gifts to choose from. And there is no time for self pity. This I have learned from the children of Skipping Stones.
A slow day is a time waiting to be filled with joy. Life certainly gives us some hard lessons. Yet still we persevere. The gift is truly in the giving. And, when I give to Skipping Stones I feel happy.
            —Jon Bush, artist and author, Massachusetts.

Dear Arun,

If I may comment on the latest issue of Skipping stones, Vol. 35, no.1, March-August 2023:
What a spectacular display of visual and literary art! The presentations on the printed pages draws a person into reading the outstanding articles that provides one with “page turning” insights of different cultures.
           —Margaret dingus, M.A.

Dear Arun,

The Sept. – Dec. 2021 edition of Skipping Stones is the best ever. It is superb. So many of the writings brought tears to my eyes. I wish you could put out other printed editions—say once or twice a year.
Thank you for your masterful work.
           —Dr. Irwin Noparstak, Oregon.

Dear Arun,

What a joy to receive the latest print issue of Skipping Stones.  I am so grateful to be reading the Sept. – Dec. 2021 issue filled with outstanding writing, illustrations and photography from young contributors around the world.  Thank you to the editorial team!
I am pleased to make another 2021 donation in support of Skipping Stones. 
            —Katacha Diaz, Peruvian American author, Oregon.

Dear Arun,

I hope you know how much I value your work. For many years Skipping Stones has been a wonderful part of my life.
Through all of my adventures through the literary world I can honestly say I’ve never seen a magazine as open and diverse as Skipping Stones, and that is all thanks to you. It has beautiful art and intriguing stories by young people from all over the world. I have learned so much about different cultures through Skipping Stones.
Truly the children are our future. May we guide them in peace as you do. Encourage them to greatness. Support their dreams. Believe in them. What we invest now will surely be returned a thousand fold to coming generations.
When we plant the seed of hope and nourish it, that is the way to health. And when it becomes a great big tree we can say, “That was a good deed I did that day.”
Best wishes,
             —Jon Bush, artist and author, Massachusetts.

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