Readers Respond!

Dear Arun,

The Sept. – Dec. 2021 edition of Skipping Stones is the best ever. It is superb. So many of the writings brought tears to my eyes. I wish you could put out other printed editions—say once or twice a year.

Thank you for your masterful work.

—Dr. Irwin Noparstak, Oregon.

Dear Arun,

What a joy to receive the latest print issue of Skipping Stones.  I am so grateful to be reading the Sept. – Dec. 2021 issue filled with outstanding writing, illustrations and photography from young contributors around the world.  Thank you to the editorial team!

I am pleased to make another 2021 donation in support of Skipping Stones. 

—Katacha Diaz, Peruvian American author, Oregon.

Dear Arun,

I hope you know how much I value your work. For many years Skipping Stones has been a wonderful part of my life.

Through all of my adventures through the literary world I can honestly say I’ve never seen a magazine as open and diverse as Skipping Stones, and that is all thanks to you. It has beautiful art and intriguing stories by young people from all over the world. I have learned so much about different cultures through Skipping Stones.

Truly the children are our future. May we guide them in peace as you do. Encourage them to greatness. Support their dreams. Believe in them. What we invest now will surely be returned a thousand fold to coming generations.

When we plant the seed of hope and nourish it, that is the way to health. And when it becomes a great big tree we can say, “That was a good deed I did that day.”

Best wishes,

—Jon Bush, artist and author, Massachusetts.

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