Poems by Youth

The 2022 Young Poet Award Winners: Carina and Nova

Nature Is This and This Is I by Arya Khan, age 8, Illinois

El Músico by Denisse Gonzalez-Amador, age 14, Texas

What Would Our Ancestors Think by Daniel Liu, age 16, New York

The First Casualties in the War Against Earth by Daniel Liu, age 16, New York

Threats, Not Peace by Delaney Sheldon, grade 8, Virginia

The Irreversible Apocalypse by Fathima Nazer Karakkadan, sophomore, KSA

Nature Haiku by Grace Coleman, age 15, California

When Spring Comes by Robyn Bjorkman, age 10, Michigan

Six Rivers, Many Peoples, One Tree by Michael Mavris, 5th Grade, California

Haiku by Evaani Kapoor, age 7, Virginia

Global Warming by Derek Meng, age 10, California

Where Were You When I Needed You? by Lyla Hershkovitz, grade 6, California

In the Forest within the City Park by Jaslene Kwack, age 11, Illinois

Life Is Never Fair by Jacob Henderson, 18, Illinois.

Colors of Ukraine and Silk Paintings by Camille Campbell, age 17, Arizona

My Mask by Dylan Margolis, age 10, Oregon. Art by Claire Sonia Hsu, age 7, Indonesia

The lure of the Extraordinary Peacock by Prachi Kothari, 11, India

Festival of Mid-Autumn Moon by Chiu-yi Rachel Ngai, 16, Arkansas

Poems by Sophie Rodriguez, age 9, Illinois

Love by Riya Sikka, 9, Melbourne, Australia

The Unforgettable Memories of School by Simerah Pinto, 13, Dubai, UAE

Fly by Ritika Rawat, grade 5, New Jersey

The Perfect Family by Zsuzsanna Juhasz, age 15, Maryland

My View by Julia Dun Rappaport, grade 9, Massachusetts

Advice to My Younger Self by Michael Sitarski, 17, Missouri

In My Wildest Dreams by Lyla Hershkovitz, Laurence School, California

Dare I Say / Y Me Atrevo a Decir by Cassandra Martens Diaz, 17, Canada

Way of Hand and Foot by Beau Heese, grade 7, Missouri

Ten Square Feet by Beau Heese, grade 7, Missouri

Beneath the Surface by Riley Ball, age 14, grade 8, Missouri

Amethyst Dream by Haylee Woessner, grade 7, Missouri

The Hill We Climb by Amanda Gorman, California

mud&water by Saanvi Nayar, age 16, New Jersey

When my Grandfather Holds my Grandmother by Samantha Liu, 16, New Jersey