Winter 2019

Skipping Stones

Vol. 31, No. 1                                              Jan. – Mar. 2019                                                   ISSN: 0899-529X

Celebrating Womenkind  • Our Multicultural World

5     Like An Onion

7     What’s A War?    Winter Meadow    Lilac Sonnet

8     Rikshaw Ride to a Market in India    Song of Peace

9     A Gift of Flower    The Lotus Flower

10  The Great Green Lady

11  Everyone Has Differences    Acts of Kindness on International Peace Day

12  Music Writing    I Don’t Live in Venezuela Anymore

13  Every Opinion Should Matter    Serpent Train

14  The Rise of Women in India

15  Kollam at Pongal

16  El Poder de las Mujeres: The Power of Women   The Wake of Womenkind

17  The wall of Glory:  Women in India

18  Snapshots from South India

19  Women in Mexico

21  Friends of the Heart    My Trip to Japan

22   The New Presidential Term Limit in China

23   Discovering My Roots

24   Morning Sounds, Mumbai, India

25   Day in the Life of a Middle Schooler

26  We Are Beautiful    Free


28  The Smiles on Their Faces

29  The Trip that Opened My Eyes

30  Mirrors

34  Ting Pan, an Emerging Chinese Artist

Regular Departments

Cover:  “Enchanted” Art by Natalie del Villar, illustrator, New York

2    NAACP’s 2018 ACT-SO National Bronze Medal Winning Photos

3    From the Editor

   What’s On Your Mind?

7    Skipping Stones Stew

31  Nana Jean:  On Hugs and Touch

32 BookShelf

33  Noteworthy N.E.W.S.

36   Back Cover:  High School Art Exhibit at Memphis International Airport