Fall 2018

Skipping Stones

Vol. 30, No. 4                                               Oct. – Dec. 2018                         ISSN: 0899-529X

30th Anniversary • Youth Honor Awards

5      Moon Light on Gulangyu Island    The Waves

7      Christmas Vs. Durga Puja    If Nature Calls

8      A Horse Race with No Finish

9      Environments Over the Years

10      We Girls Can Do Anything

The 2018 Youth Honor Awards

11      Art by Manjyot Kaur, 16, New York

12      Poems by Anne Grier, 12, Maryland

13      The Mango Tree by Amithi Tadigadapa, 13, Pennsylvania

14      Poems by Students of Na‘au, Honolulu, Hawai‘i

16      Buddha Light by Clare Maleeny, 17, New York

18      Art and Haiku by Na‘au Students, Honolulu, Hawai‘i

20      Artistic Expressions by Students of tutor Hyun Sung Jung in South Korea

21      Student Table Tennis Activists Foundation by Albert Zhang, 17, Georgia

22     Call for Tolerance by Maya Savin Miller, grade 10, California

23     My Double Life by Koluchi Odiegwu, 17, Georgia

24     Nature Calls by Hunter Bren, 14, California.

25     Visiting Yanji, China by Kaya Dierks, 15, California

26     What Does it Mean to be American?    Ode to Deepened Love

27     The Solar Drama & Storm of Silence by Tanisha Gunby, 15, California

28     Children’s Rights to a Good Life & Don’t be Mean, Go Green by Aliya Shetty Oza, 9, India

29     Daughter of Immigrants & Let Us Paint with Many Colors by Montserrat Llacuna, 10, CA

30      Meeting Baby Hope and Joy at the Toronto Zoo by Aevah Arun, 7   Trust Me, I’ve Tried

35      2018 Youth Awards Art Entries

Regular Departments

Cover:  Curiosity Voyage by Manjyot Kaur, 16, New York.

2      2018 Youth Honor Awards Art

3      From the Editor

6      What’s On Your Mind?

10      Cultural Collage: We Girls Can Do Anything

31      Nana Jean:  On Stereotype Threat

32      Skipping Stones Stew 

34      BookShelf

36      Back Cover:  Nature Photos from Youth Award Entries