Autumn 2022 Issue

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Skipping Stones

Vol. 34, No. 1                             Sept. – Dec. 2022                        ISSN: 0899-529X

 The 2022 Awards Issue  •  Peace Within, Peace in Our World

 2         Artwork by Tang Li, age 9, grade 4, Florida

 6         Asian Celebration Haiku and Tanka Exhibit

10        Celebrate America Creative Writing Contest

  • Where I’m From by Elin Joy Seiler, Illinois
  • Home by Josephine Christine Ranaivosoa, Minnesota
  • The Sapling by Lily Pham, Oregon

13     The 2022 Skipping Stones Book Awards:

        Our Annual Honors List of Multicultural and Nature Books & Teaching Resources

       The Youth Honor Awards Section

15    Colors of Ukraine by Camille Campbell, Arizona

16    Cranbrook Cosmopolitan by Rebecca Park, Michigan

17    Poems by Teresa Zhang, New York  •  Impressions of India by Reeya Chundury

18    WIP:  A Work in Peace by James Wan, Pennsylvania

19     Life Is a Maze by Iyanna Stephens, Pennsylvania

20    Peace Within, Peace in Our World  •  Still Waiting by Danielle Lee Ariatna Claudio

21     Language Diversity and Why It Matters by Kirin Mohile, New York

22     Peace by Cara Cantwell, Maryland

23     Artwork and Photographs by Students of Share Ground Project in South Korea

25     Art by Katherine Han, Texas

26     A Love Letter to Music by Shannon Ma, California

27    Overcoming Adversity by Mila Brown, California  •  This Is the Song the World Needs Now

28    The Treasure Hunt by Lilian Wang, Washington

29    Identity by Jaslene Kwack, Illinois

30    In a Dream, I Imagine  • The Sibling War  • An Eternal State

31    Legacies Through Peace by Emily Tang, North Carolina

32    Finding My Inner Peace by Nikita Paas, New York

33     Sunflowers  •  Nature’s Alchemist by Avishi Gurnani  •  Ways of the World         

34    Winter in My Bed  •  Writer’s Block  •  My Love for My Mom

35     Noteworthy Haiku and Nature Art Entries      

       Regular Departments

Cover:   “Strife” by Katherine Han, age 17, Texas. See p. 25 for more information.

  3        From the Editors

  5        Skipping Stones Stew:  Move Forward  •  What Peace Is to Me

  9        What’s On Your Mind? 

 36       Back Cover: Silk Paintings by Camille Campbell, age 17, Arizona

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