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Threats, Not Peace!

By Delaney Sheldon, age 14, grade 8, Virginia

Threats, not peace
Threats of creating what we fear most—a Third World tragedy
Threats of cutting the strings that connect us all together
Threats of destroying people’s land
People’s territory

Forget about peace
Why doesn’t peace ever show up?
Why is humanity always one step from falling off the steepest cliff?
Why do we sabotage ourselves and ruin others?
Why does publicity break us down? 

Fake news
Exaggerated news
REAL news
This news is very real
This news disrupts all peace that ever could be

So, what are we supposed to do?
That’s not peace
Do we cut them off from the world?
And risk getting cut off too?
Definitely, not peace

Why should we even save them?
What have they done for us? 
If we throw the lifesaver to them in the deep water 
We could drown instead, sink straight to the bottom

But humans should save each other
Give them air
Bring them to the surface
Save them from their greatest fears

It’s our job as human beings
To let our humanity show
And to try to have peace on Earth
Because peace unites us all as one